This is a project that I made in October-November in the Fall 2017, during a Media lab course called Physical interaction design. I wanted to hack an analog phone that I found in the recycling center some months back. There’s a lot of different things that one can do with the buttons and I was at first thinking of a music sampler, where different buttons would play different samples that would loop and work well together. But it didn’t feel original – a lot of people have built samplers and are much better at it than I am.

So I decided to think about the artistic concept of an analog phone instead. When we no longer use analog phones – what do they symbolize to us? One thing that came to mind was the phone queues where you had to press buttons to choose the right options and if you clicked the wrong one you had to start over with your call. An idea struck me – what if the telephone would call you up and you would be put in a queue, not knowing what you’re waiting for? I started to research and found a science called ”queueing theory”. Apparently there’s people researching on queues, and specifically how to make people stay in queues. This seemed like a fun challenge. How could I make people stay in a queue as long as possible, not knowing what it would lead to?

The video was shot at the Kallio stage in Helsinki. Unfortunately the quality is not very good but I will document the project more in the future.