I’m a new media artist and multidisciplinary designer. I do art installations using electronics and coding, visual programming and visual arts.

At the moment I’m  based in the Helsinki region, Finland, where I study for a MA in New media at the Aalto university. My background is diverse, with a BSc in Vehicle engineering and previous studies in visual arts and sculpture. I love to explore technology and natural science from an artistic and critical perspective. I also have work experience as a programming instructor in the field of creative coding for high schools students and teachers. 

Aalto University | 2019 – now

Digital Communications Trainee at Communications Services at the university. Tasks include:

  • Producing tutorials and instructional content for web editors at aalto.fi
  • Translating content from English to Swedish at aalto.fi
  • Compiling the biweekly staff newsletter 
  • Other maintenance work at aalto.fi such as broken links, attachments, images, etc
Mehackit | 2016 – 2019

Programming instructor in Processing and Arduino at upper secondary school Viktor Rydberg Gymnasium, Odenplan. I was Mehackit’s first instructor in Sweden at taught the class independently for the full academic year, see more hereOne day workshops and other tasks were:

  • Sonic Pi workshops at Tekla festival 2017
  • Samsung family day in Stockholm 2017 and Helsinki 2018
  • Assisted at a Processing workshop for Danish pedagogs in Helsinki 2018
  • Sales rep Mehackit Stockholm Spring 2017
  • Organised and instructed a workshop in Arduino for teachers at Thorén Innovation School, Stockholm 2017
  • Participant in panel discussion at political event Almedalsveckan, Visby, arranged by SUP46 on the topic ”How to solve the talent problem for startups?” See a few secs here
Lärarförmedlarna | Substitute teacher | 2016-2017

Substitute teacher in subjects math and natural science for ages 10-15, Stockholm

MA in New Media Design and Production | Aalto university | 2017 – ongoing

Espoo, Finland

BSc in Vehicle engineering | Royal Institute of Technology | 2009 – 2014

Minor in Mechatronics. Stockholm, Sweden

Ceramics and Sculpture | Nyckelviksskolan | 2012-2013

One year Arts and Crafts programme. Lidingö, Sweden

High school diploma in Visual Arts | Nynäshamns gymnasium | 2004-2007

3 year programme in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and film. 

Co-chair | ASIF?! Aalto Student Intersectional Feminists | 2019 – ongoing

Initiated and co-founded Aalto University’s first feminist student association

Treasurer & Responsible tutor | Dada ry Media lab Student Association | 2018

Took care of financials, organised events as well as the tutoring of new MA students in the Media department