Sculpture: Going into the Void

Going into the Void was built specifically for a group sculpture exhibition during spring 2019 in Väre, the building for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture at Aalto University. The exhibition, Space – the final frontier! dealt with space as an open ended topic, whether it is personal space, our shared space or actual outer space. A void can be defined as a completely empty space. Going into the Void started off as a dream of a Mars rock crashing into the school building and ended up as a futuristic mix of a space ship and silver cave. The visitor could enter the Void which was completely black inside. In the bright, white new school building, this hybrid alien object represented a messy, shiny break from its surroundings. 

Materials: Polyurethane, spray paint, acrylic paint, paper. Photo model: Thu Nguyen. After the exhibition, the sculpture was donated to be a playground for a kid, who imagines it to be a lion’s cave.