Hide The Blood

– Alternative Controller Game

”Hide The Blood” is an alternative controller game/simulation created by myself and Isra Rab. The topic is periods and the shame and tabu surrounding it. The intention of the game/simulation is to spark an emotional reaction in the person holding the controllers, no matter what those emotions are. In this way we hope to start discussions or new thoughts around this. It consists of two Barbie legs controlling the horizontal and vertical direction of a uterus, which is leaking pink liquid out of its end. The uterus isn’t always easy to control since it’s twisting and moving, simulating the uneasiness and pain of menstruating.

It is currently a demo version, shown at Aalto University Media Lab’s Demo Day in December 2018. We collected written feedback and thoughts from visitors during the demo run, some of which is found as quotes in the video above. At this moment, there is no specific way that one can ”win”, but in the future the intent is to install a bull’s eye where the liquid should go. This symbolizes the cultural tabu to ”spill” period blood – it should be invisible to others and it’s shameful to fail at that.

We are planning to finish the project during 2019 and exhibit it in its final state, as a game.

Video editing by Isra Rab.