Let’s love/CUPID BOT

Lets love/Cupid bot is a performance art piece that was carried out for the first time in September 2017.

The performance puts one of the team members, in the role of the Cupid bot. Cupid bot is armed with a web cam on her head and headphones in her ears. She goes out into the world to find people to talk to about love. She is controlled by visitors in an exhibition hall, who can see and hear what she is doing through a computer screen. They in their turn can choose Cupid bot’s direction and pick her lines for interaction with people. In the exhibition hall, a large screen also shows the other visitors a third person perspective of Cupid bot’s interviews. The performance raises questions around love to oneself and others, intimacy and signs of affection. It also highlights issues around video surveillance and vulnerability.

Hanna Thenor Årström: Contributing to concept and designer of the software in Processing, which was used by visitors in the exhibition hall to steer Cupid bot.

Liisi Sourush: Concept designer and cameraman

Ella Kiviniemi: Contributing to concept and acting as Cupid Bot during the performance

Rauli Valo: Audio and video technician

The performance from 2017 was documented by the whole team and edited into the trailer above by Ella Kiviniemi.